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Sorry, not tickets match your search

A peeve is an annoyance or irritant. So, for example, when a venue doesn’t mark a sold-out show as “Sold Out” on their website and lets you click a button that says “Buy Tickets”. That’s a peeve. When you get to the ticket seller’s site – say TicketMaster, who we’ll call FTM for short – and they carelessly fuel your hope and let you search for tickets. That’s a peeve. When you first have to assure them that you’re not a robot, and then pick all the images with sandwiches, and finally, after killing a few microseconds evaluating whether or not a hamburger is a sandwich, FTM tells you ‘sorry, no tickets match your search’. That’s a peeve. Seriously? You can’t just say it’s ‘Sold Out’? No. For FTM there’s no such thing as a sold out show since they’re also a “reseller”. A reseller is what used to be called a scalper. A scalper is someone that ran the risk of being arrested for reselling. Maybe the next word of the day should be euphemism?

P.S. Oh yeah, when you run a live music discovery app and it’s a royal pain in the ass to find out when some venues’ shows are sold out so you can let your users know? That’s a peeve too.

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