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With tens of thousands of music fans descending on Piedmont Park, the sun blazing, and temperatures going from 0 to 100 real quick (fine, 62 to 85 slowly), the wise festival goer will be ready. And if you’re reading this looking for help, well, let’s just say you’re a risk taker. OK here are 5 things to do:

  1. Bring and use sunscreen
  2. Drink plenty of clear (or amber) fluids
  3. Know your bands
  4. Have a plan
  5. Be flexible – have a Plan B

If I need to explain numbers 1 and 2 then you need a more indulgent blogger. To help with #3 – Know Your Bands! – MusicLoon has published a couple of Spotify playlists:

Music Midtown 2015 – This is the longer of the two playlists. It has at least one tune from each of the 30 artists in the line-up. Listen here!

MM15 Non-Geezer Spotify PlaylistMM15 Non-Geezer – As the name suggests, this playlist focuses on bands that were not eligible for the inaugural Rock & Roll Hall of Fame balloting. From Drake to Elle, and Icona Pop to X Ambassadors. Listen here!


Have a Plan
As many as 71% of festival goers walk in on Day 1 without any plan for who they’re going to see. Don’t be a statistic! Listen to the playlists, look at the schedule (Friday | Saturday) and figure out who you want to see. (And don’t be so gullible…how would I know how many people walk in without a plan??)

This year Music Midtown expands to 30 artists on 4 stages, up from 25 artists and 3 stages last year. The start and end times are unchanged from last year: gates open at 4pm Friday and at noon on Saturday. The music stops at 11pm both nights. So get to know the names and locations of the stages (map) and the schedule. (BTW there’s no downloadable schedule on Music Midtown’s site, so I threw one together here.) If you want to see two bands that are playing at the same time you can try to catch half of  both shows. I mean that’s the approach to take if you want to guarantee a particularly awful and unsatisfying result. No. You’ll need to pick one band. For example, do you want to see the band that’s hawking Jeep Renegades (X Ambassadors on the Honda Stage at 2:45) or the band that hawked Bud Light Mixx Tail with their song Everywhere I Go (New Politics on the Belk Stage at 3:00)? I can’t even answer that question for myself so don’t expect me to help you. You should see one of them though.

Be Flexible – have a Plan B
So – again – I don’t have to elaborate here, do I? Plan A, Plan B. Pretty simple. I mean, my god, it’s only a music festival. Too crowded at your stage? Go to another stage. Take a food break. Grin and bear it. Or grin and bare it…but not all of you. (That is, all of you can grin but not each of you should bare all of you, but all of you for some of you might be okay).


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