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Terminal West has gained a reputation as one of the best places to see live music in Atlanta. But is it Atlanta’s BEST live music venue? Well, I am sorry to say that I am not even going to try to answer that question. “WTF?” you ask. Sorry…I just wanted you to read this post. But now that you are, let me share my opinion of Terminal West and tell you about some of the shows on its calendar. Or just scroll down to the shows, including Ed Helms’ band, The Lonesome Trio. Ed’s the actor / comedian who played Andy Bernard in “The Office” and Stu (DDM) in “The Hangover(s)”. He also happens to be an Atlanta native.


Terminal West is part of the King Plow Arts Center in West Midtown. So that alone makes it cool. But it also has a great layout for live music, excellent acoustics, high-end lighting, a couple of bars on either side of its main room, and spacious bathrooms. (Oh…about the acoustics – I actually don’t know how good they are due to the quality of the bartenders. Plus I don’t really hear so well, being a loon and all. But I can’t imagine they suck.) If all of that isn’t enough, not only is there a giant smelter looking thing by the bathrooms – and who doesn’t like giant smelter looking things? – but upstairs there’s an outdoor bar and roof deck overlooking the railroad tracks. Notwithstanding its name, and the train and tracks in its logo, TW is not a defunct train station. (Nor a defunct train terminal for all you pedants who like to harp on the difference between a station and a terminal. OK – fellow pedants. Pedant is such a great word because as soon as you use it you are one – definition here). TW is, in fact, on the site of a defunct iron and steel foundry. So apparently the giant smelter looking thing is a smelter. Shocking.

Selected Upcoming Shows
Now, as promised, here are five upcoming shows at Terminal West that you should consider seeing:

Ruby-Velle-and-the-SoulphonicsRuby Velle and the Soulphonics
w/ Adron
Friday May 29 |  Doors 8 – Show 9 | 18+

This band is soulful American music at its best. If you have someone you are wooing, woo him or her here. Go ahead, say it five times fast. Get tickets.



american-aquariumAmerican Aquarium
w/ Radio Birds
Saturday June 6 | Doors 8 – Show 9 | 18+

Put broadly, American Aquarium is an indie rock band with a country flair. Whether you call it alternative country, twang-core, or garage folk, one thing is for certain: these guys love to play loud music. Tix are $12 to $15…get ’em here.


The Lonesome Trio
Monday June 8 | Doors 7 – Show 8 | 18+
This event is “partially seated”‘. [So sometimes you sit and sometimes you stand? That’s just odd.]
Ed Helms and two of his Oberlin College buddies make music together. We listen. Hopefully he cracks a few jokes between songs. Although he seems a tad too earnest for that, right?

Tickets are $15 to $20…here.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra
w/ Alex G

Saturday June 13 | Doors 8 – Show 9 | 18+
Unknown Mortal Orchestra is an up and coming New Zealand / American band that has been described as “alien beatnik pop music that echoes ’60s psychedelia and krautrock minimalism”. Now I have no idea what that means, but it makes me want you to see them. Tickets are $15…here.


smithsonian-smiths-tribute-bandSmithsonian (Smiths tribute)
and Clashinista (Clash tribute)

Saturday June 26 | Doors 8 – Show 9 | 18+
The Clash, kinda. The Smiths, kinda. Together. Questions? These are both super-tight bands that supremely capture the objects of their homage.(Smithsonian pictured.) Tickets are $10 – $12…here.




There you have it…one of Atlanta’s Best Music Venue(s)!!!

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